Security and safety at healthcare facilities are important for both quality healthcare and public safety. Hospitals and clinics are a safe haven for those in physical or emotional need, and increasingly seen as a place of refuge in the event of a large-scale emergency such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack. For these reasons and others, more and more people use hospitals as their first source for help. Hence, it is essential that healthcare security staff not only consider facility security and safety, but also take an interest in broader public safety. 

Perhaps the most significant and effective security product in a hospital is the CCTV security system. Many security-related incidents are resolved from the use of a closed circuit television. To combat the risk of patient disappearance, a CCTV can be installed in the entrance of a patient ward. Security staff can view people entering and leaving the area. It can also be used in lobbies, operating rooms, labs and pharmacies, among others. Cameras can even be programmed to count the number of people moving through an area or identifying and reporting that an object has been removed or left behind.

2.1 Challenges and Solutions

  • The major security and surveillance challenges:
  • To keep patients' records and identities safe
  • To ensures if the staff meets health and safety standards
  • To allow remote monitoring from a smartphone or tablet
  • To prevents intruders from gaining access to restricted areas
  • To deters vandalism and other criminal acts
  • To increases safety for patients and staff

Additionally, other common threats, like loitering, vandalism, etc. also persist.

Challenges General Solution Benefits CP PLUS Solution
Deters vandalism and other criminal acts Tracking suspicious activities around the area Safe environment Perimeter surveillance.
Ensure staff are meeting health and safety standards Video surveillance can ensure meeting the health and hygiene standards Better hygiene standards. HD IP Surveillance
Prevents intruders from gaining access to restricted areas Integrated access solution with video surveillance Detection of potential offenders NVMS with analytics,  vOptimus pro, IVS box
Remote monitoring Flexibility in operations Remote supervision IP Cams,  gcmob and icmob
Increases safety for patients and staff Identifying potential threats and acting proactively before something undesired takes place Safe environment is a strong positive factor for business. HD IP Surveillance, real-time recording and viewing
In baby care wards, abductions are a serious threat HD IP Surveillance. Safety of newborns. HD IP video Surveillance
Protect supplies Security cameras in store rooms can help keep supplies safe, making healthcare operations more efficient. Availability of supplies
Ensuring original supplies are maintained
HD IP Surveillance, 
NVMS vOptimus pro