We understand that school and university managers face an enormous responsibility with increasing pressure to strengthen campus safety. Today, educators sometimes deal with the same problems as local police — drug sales, weapons possession, and gang violence. 

Besides taking care of the facility and securing the site, schools, colleges, and universities need to protect the students and staff. When choosing an educational institutional, parents and students consider most importantly whether it represents a safe learning environment. A lapse of security may be devastating and irreversible for the school's reputation. 

Video surveillance can identify potential weaknesses in campus security and create a customized security solution. All systems are monitored by our 24x7 Central Station and provide peace of mind to administrators, teachers, staff, students and parents.

4.1 Challenges and Solutions

  • Challenges to education sector include:
  • To provide surveillance of remote and diversified areas
  • To deter vandalism and theft
  • To protect assets and premises
  • To monitor unruly and mischievous behavior of the students
  • To mitigate uses of banned items like knives, expensive gadgets which can be detrimental to the interests of the students

CCTV provides both a real-time and documented record of who entered a building and when. It is a perfect solution, since school security is not an eight-hour-a-day job, but one that requires attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Challenges General Solution Benefits CP PLUS Solution
Intruders can enter school property Perimeter surveillance Safe school walls with effective deterrence IP video surveillance
vOptimus pro
Students bully, act out and misbehave Video surveillance in activity, play area and classes Students behave properly IP video surveillance
Unruly students may commit criminal acts Tracking any suspicious and violent actions and reporting to the administration Safe environment IP video surveillance
Safety of staff, teachers, and school administrators Effective deterrence in key areas. Safe environment IP video surveillance
Quality and relevance of education Tracking and monitoring educational activities in classes Quality education 2-way audio enabled HD IP Solution
Nursery kids activities Remote access to parents of kids Monitoring kids remotely DSS solution

Authorized administrators can also check on the school from another location, whether during school hours or at night and on weekends. In doing so, CCTV digital video security cameras can play a major role in helping protect a school campus. 

By keeping unidentified people off the campus, limiting access to facilities and monitoring everything by cameras, a comprehensive security alarm system plan can cut down significantly on crime and promote a safer learning environment.